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Adarsh Institute of Management &
Information Technology

World Entrepreneurship Day

World Entrepreneurship Day is celebrated on August 21st 2023 to recognize the significant contributions of entrepreneurs across the globe. The report aims to provide an overview of the origins, importance, and impact of World Entrepreneurship Day. And the activities conducted by the students of Adarsh Institute of Management & Information Technology, Chamarajpet, Bengaluru. Wherein the students have actively participated in entrepreneurship day and setup the stall & marketed their products with initial investment of Rs. 50/- and made higher profit margins.

Origins and Significance:

World Entrepreneurship Day was first established in 2010 by the Global Entrepreneurship Congress. It seeks to promote entrepreneurship as a crucial driver of economic progress, job creation, and innovation worldwide. The day serves as a platform to celebrate, inspire, and support entrepreneurs and their ventures.

Objectives of World Entrepreneurship Day:

  • Recognition: To acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and efforts of entrepreneurs who have positively impacted their local communities and the global economy.
  • Inspiration: To inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly the youth, to embrace an entrepreneurial mind-set and explore opportunities for innovation and business
  • Networking and Collaboration: To facilitate connections among entrepreneurs, policymakers, business leaders, investors, and academia, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Importance of Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth:

  • Job Creation: Entrepreneurs are significant job creators, driving employment opportunities both directly and indirectly through the supply.
  • Innovation and Technological Advancement: Entrepreneurship is a powerful catalyst for innovation and the development of new technologies, products, and services
  • Economic Resilience: Entrepreneurial ventures introduce competition, diversity, and flexibility to the market, enhancing overall economic
  • Wealth Creation and Poverty Reduction: Successful entrepreneurship can generate wealth and contribute to poverty reduction, empowering individuals and communities.