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Adarsh Institute of Management &
Information Technology

Alumni Distinguished

Adarsh AIMIT has produced 16 batches of MBA students so far. The total number of Alumni are more than a thousand. Alumni contribution to department development is more than appreciable. Alumni are continuously involved in placement training activities, Job Placement, Seminars and Conferences, Management Fests, Guest Lectures, etc.
AIMIT organizes Annual Alumni Meets during the month of April/May. Alumni attend these meets with great enthusiasm in large numbers.
AIMIT Alumni Association has been recently registered and membership registrations are under the process. It is being Planned to organize alumni talk series and workshops to enhance the learning experience and Job prospects of existing students.

Office Bearers

Parthiban Selvam

Head Alumni Relations

+91 8754193565







Mr. Mahesh Kumar Jain

Joint Secretary, AGI



Dr. Venkataraman R

Director & Principal, AIMIT



Mr.Parthiban Selvam

Head Alumni Relations



Executive Member List:

Sl No

Name & Address



Dr. Uma Devi Ananth

Associate Professor


Prof. Archana N

Asst Professor


Ms. Husna Khanum



Mr. Kiran Kumar P


Alumni Policy

Rules and Regulation:


Students, Faculty and Staff members are eligible to apply for Alumni Membership.


2.2 Membership:

  1. All the erstwhile students of Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology, (hereinafter referred to as ‘student’) are eligible to enroll themselves as members of the association on payment of the required fees Membership Fees: 100/-(Rupees One Hundred only) 
  2. The student shall apply for membership in the prescribed format of the Association along with the membership fees.
  3. All members of the Association are eligible to vote and contest for membership of the managing committee in the General Body Meeting.
  4. If the subscription of the member is delayed beyond a stipulated period of more than three months without satisfactory explanation to the Secretary, such student’s name will be removed. However, the Executive Committee may reconsider his/her application for re-admission of membership.
  5. The membership of a student may be terminated in case such student is found to be acting against the objects of the Association or in case of unsoundness of mind or in the event of death or in case of any other reasons as stated by the executive committee.
  6. All members may take part in the proceedings of the General Meeting. However, only such members who have completed a minimum period of 6 months as members shall exercise their vote.  


 1.3 Information Required By the Members:

  1. Any member of the Association may apply to the Secretary for any relevant information as may be required or on any matter relating to the Rules and regulations of the Association.

1.4  General Body Meeting and others: -

  1. A General body meeting of the Association will be held annually before September of every year
  2. The report of the Management relating to the working of the previous year and the audited accounts for the said period and the preceding year shall be discussed and submitted for confirmation.
  3. An Executive committee consisting of 08 members shall be elected in the General body meeting once in three years.
  4. The Secretary may call for a General body meeting for which 15 days notice shall be given to the members.
  5. The Executive committee shall meet once a month for which the Secretary shall give notice of 7 days to the members.
  6. Voting shall be conducted by a show of hands or Secret Ballot.
  7. 15 days clear notice for the annual general body meeting and 15 days notice for the Special General body meeting shall be given by SMS or email, and the subject matters to be discussed shall be stated in the notice.
  8. Special General body meeting shall be convened as and when required under Sec.11 (3) of the K.S.R.Act, 1960.


  1. Quorum:

 The quorum of the General Body meeting shall be 10% of the total membership of the Association.