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Adarsh Institute of Management &
Information Technology

International Youth Day

Theme : Inter-generational solidarity: creating a world for all ages

International Youth Day is observed on August 12 every year across the globe.

UN Secretary – General Antonio Guterres, “ let’s join hands across generations to break down barriers, and work as one to achieve a more equitable, just and inclusive world for all people.

The first International Youth Day was celebrated on August 12, 2000, but awareness could be traced as back as 1965. The objective of day is to draw the attention on the issues and challenges faced globally- issues can be from mental health to civic responsibility. Youth, who constitute good chunk of the population need to address the problems.

Theme of 2022: Inter-generational solidarity: creating a world for all ages, which means the world needs to leverage the full potential of all generations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.Sustainable Development is possible through solidarity of all the generations-“no one is left behind.”

At AIMIT, II Semester MBA (Section A) observed the day. An event was organized as ‘Youth Talk’, Mr. Akshay S. Malagar Coordinated the event. Five students a talk on different topics:

  • Akshay Kumar T.N on the topic: History of International Youth Day – UN General Assembly recognized the importance of the day on 12 August 2000 as IYD. Youth can focus on the issues and resolve it.
  • Ann Jaziz on the topic: Inter-generational Solidarity: Creating a World for all ages 2022- Today, Half of population is youth and it is expected to increase to 58% by the end of 2030, so role of youth is significant.
  • Adarsha S. K on the topic: Youth Civic Engagement- Youth can promote quality of lifein community through political and non-political services.
  • Bhoomika A on the topic: Youth contribution to global issues-Youth are asset in nation building and contribute in the growth of various sectors like education, health, technology and politics.
  • Hashitha D. H on the Topic: Transforming Food System – Youth must get involved in the profession of Agriculture, to ensure on food consumption to all.

Key Takeaways: Rapt attention was observed by other students when talk was delivered. Awareness was created among students to get involved in community engagement, The students expressed that session was very informative.

This event was conceptualized by Dr. Venkataraman, Director and Principal , Adarsh

AIMIT and co-ordinated by Dr. Usha Prabhu

Dr. R. Venkataraman (Director & Principal)