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Adarsh Institute of Management &
Information Technology

Cooking Without Fire Activity

Under the banner of Freshers’ Week Celebration, a Cooking Without Fire Competition was organized for I semester MBA students on 15th March 2023. To provide a platform for the students to foster their creativity and decision making skills and also to demonstrate their culinary knowledge and skills related to: developing and following a recipe, preparation of a dish, and displaying the dish before a judging panel where it will be evaluated on flavor, taste and palatability.

Overall 36 teams participated in the competition, Their efforts were evaluated on the basis of five parameters: taste of the dish, nutritional level, Hygiene and presentation, and uniqueness of the dish. Participants infused lots of creativity and served delicious eatables to enhance the taste buds.

The competition started at 1pm Sharp. One hour time was given for preparation and Judging panel comprised of Dr. Venkataraman, Ms. Mamatha Jain, Dr. Uma Devi Ananth and Dr. Gurusamy evaluated the dishes based on given criteria. It was a tough time for them to come up with the result. The event was organized by faculty incharge, Prof. Vasudha Sruvatsa. Dr. Venkataraman, Director and Principal also witnessed the event.