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Adarsh Institute of Management &
Information Technology

Coffee with CEO

On the memorable day of September 22, 2023, an engaging meeting was hosted by CII YI at their Indiranagar office.The AIMIT Yi Student Chair,Keerthana G S & Co-Chair Prajwal H N along with the faculty from AIMIT Prof. Archana were present .This meeting featured a “Coffee with CEO ” session with Mr. Vijayakrishnan Venkatesan, the CEO of Kennametal. During this session, a series of insightful questions were posed to the CEO, touching upon diverse topics, including mentorship, success, failures, reading habits, India’s pandemic situation, and leadership qualities.


The primary objective of the “Coffee with CEO” session was to provide attendees with a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights from an accomplished leader like Mr. Vijayakrishnan Venkatesan. Through a candid and open conversation, the session aimed to explore topics relevant to personal and professional growth, leadership, and navigating challenges in the contemporary world.

Program Outcome:

The “Coffee with CEO” session was highly successful in achieving its objectives. Attendees left the session enriched with the CEO’s wisdom and valuable insights. The candid and open discussion contributed to personal and professional growth, inspiring attendees to reflect on their own journeys and leadership qualities.


In conclusion, the “Coffee with CEO” session featuring Mr. Vijayakrishnan Venkatesan, CEO of Kennametal, was a remarkable addition to the meeting held on September 22, 2023. It provided attendees with a unique opportunity to learn from an accomplished leader on topics ranging from mentorship to success, failures, reading habits, pandemic response, and leadership qualities. This session left a lasting impact, fostering knowledge exchange and personal growth among the participants.