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Adarsh Institute of Management &
Information Technology

Anti-ragging day celebration in AIMIT

Anti-ragging Day is an important annual event celebrated in India to raise awareness and promote a safer and more inclusive educational environment. The day commemorates the Anti-Ragging Act passed by the Indian government in 1997, aiming to eradicate the practice of ragging, which involves bullying, harassment, and hazing of students. The event started at 11:30 AM in AIMIT lobby the coordinator of the event addressed the importance of anti-ragging, UGC helpline number to lodge complaint, & gave information about anti-ragging cell/ wing in our college. There were 18 students for Poster making and logo designing contest.


  1. The primary objective of Anti ragging Day celebration is to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere in educational institutions by sensitizing students, faculty, and staff members about the harmful consequences of ragging.
  2. The event aims to encourage unity, equality, and respect among peers, ensuring the well-being and mental health of all students.

Key Activities Performed

  1. Pledges: On the occasion anti-ragging day event all the students of AIMIT have taken pledge “a ragging free campus in AIMIT” and encouraging students, faculty, and staff to take anti-ragging pledges an help create a sense of accountability and collective responsibility.
  2. Logo designing & Poster Making: II semester students of section A & D have actively participated in Logo designing and Poster making contest to raise awareness among students how ragging have negative impacts on mental health & on studies.


  1. Enhanced Awareness: Anti-ragging Day celebrations result in increased awareness among students, faculty, and staff members regarding the gravity of ragging and the importance of preventing it.
  1. Channashree, Ananya and Ganashree of section A AIMIT have secured 1st place in poster making & logo designing contest
  1. Sensitization: The celebration promotes empathy, understanding, and respect, fostering an environment that celebrates diversity and discourages any form of discrimination or harassment.
  1. Encouraging Reporting: By creating a safe space and encouraging reporting, institutions ensure the prompt intervention and necessary actions against ragging incidents.


The celebration of Anti-ragging day plays a vital role in sensitizing educational institutions and society as a whole towards preventing ragging incidents. By promoting awareness, empathy, and collective responsibility, Anti-ragging Day celebrations contribute significantly to building an environment that prioritizes student safety, well-being, and equal opportunities for all.