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Adarsh Institute of Management &
Information Technology

AIMIT Fashion Week 2023

The AIMIT Fashion week, a highly anticipated event started from 8th September 2023 and ended with a gala event on 13th September 2023 in our campus. The event showcased the creative talents of our student’s fashion knowledge. Every day of the fashion week had a theme and made a resounding success by bringing students, faculty, industrial professionals and fashion enthusiasts from fashion community.


  • Promoting Creativity and self-expression: College Fashion Week celebrations encourage students to express themselves through fashion and explore their It provides a platform for students to experiment with style and clothing choices.
  • Showcasing student’s talent: Many college Fashion Week events feature student designers, models, makeup artists, and stylists, allowing them to showcase their talent and gain experience in the fashion industry.
  • Fostering Inclusivity: College Fashion Week celebrations often emphasize inclusivity and diversity in They may feature models of various body types, ethnicities, and backgrounds to promote a more inclusive and representative fashion culture.
  • Raising Awareness: Some college Fashion Week events focus on raising awareness about social issues related to fashion, such as sustainability, ethical fashion practices, and body
  • Boosting student’s engagement: In some colleges fashion week celebrations are part of student’s engagement and coordination which helps in boosting the college
  • Entertainment and Fun: Fashion week is organized for student’s fun and entertainment and break the monotony by featuring music, dance performances, drama, skits, games etc.

AIMIT Fashion Week was a tremendous success, demonstrating the creativity, talent, and commitment of our MBA students. It showcased the college’s dedication to promoting sustainable practices in the fashion industry and provided a platform for students to shine. This event will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for future generations of fashion enthusiasts and professionals.

Fashion Week at AIMIT was not just a celebration of style and creativity but also a reminder of the potential for positive change within the fashion industry. It was a truly memorable event that left a lasting impression on all who attended.