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Adarsh Institute of Management &
Information Technology

A Report on Union Budget Session 2023

Event Name: The Wallet Rally

Date : 14th Feb 2023

The Budget Session 2023 was conducted under ‘Finance Club’ for 3rd semester MBA students from Dreamchasers batch on 14th Feb 2023 through different portfolios presentation and parliament role play. The session was a simulation of the actual parliamentary proceedings with participants playing the roles of parliamentarians, ministers, and other officials. The main objective of the session was to understand the nuances of the budget-making process and to develop an understanding of how policies and decisions are made.

The session started with the presentation of the Union Budget by the Finance Minister’s presentation and other important portfolios like Textile, Commerce and Industry, Tourism, Transportation, Tribal and Defence . Followed by discussions, debates, and deliberations by the members of the parliament.

The session was highly engaging and interactive, with all the third semester students participants actively participating in the proceedings. The simulation helped the participants to understand the challenges faced by the government in balancing the budget, addressing the concerns of various sectors, and formulating policies to promote economic growth.

The event was witnessed by Dr. Venkataram, Director and Principal of AIMIT. Prof. Vasudha Srivatsa and Prof. Sathyanarayana coordinated the event succesfully.